Lockers in the Makerspace

Color laser printer, 3D printer, and sewing machine have no reservations. Tap your ID card to enter the room and use as available.

Select from available lockers below to reserve contents for three hours.
Then click submit at the bottom of the page.

Locker 101  Tape, rubberbands

Locker 102  Hot glue gun

  Locker 103  Tools, Measuring tape

Locker 104  Clamps

  Locker 105  Power drill sets (2) with attachments

Locker 106  Heat gun

Locker 110  Origami supplies, scissors, glue, tape, marker, stickers, patterns

Locker 112  Solder iron, wire, supplies

Locker 113  Oscilloscope

  Locker 114  Raspberry Pi (2), Arduino Uno (4), power adapter (3), mini USB keyboards (3)

  Locker 115  Volt meter, Power supply, breadboards (9), cables, copper plate boards

  Locker 120  Iron, Sewing machine accessories, needles, thread, scissors and more

Locker 121  3D Pens (7), Xacto kit, 3d pen supplies and accessories

Locker 122  3D pen plastic, assortments of colors

Locker 123  Coloring book

Locker 125  Bloxels video game maker

  Locker 130  Arts and Crafts: make bracelets--thread and leather kits

Locker 131  Arts and crafts: assortment, fabcric paint, glue

  Locker 132  Arts and Crafts: pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, felt

Locker 133  Arts and crafts: beads, masks & designs to decorate

Locker 134  Spirograph, Scratch designs, crochet

Locker 140  Tracer projector

  Locker 141  Paper tape, crayons

  Locker 142  Glue, glitter, epoxy, scissors, poster lights

Locker 143  Washable poster paints

  Locker 144  Acrylic paints

Locker 150  Air spray painter

  Locker 151  Colored pencils, water color, acrylics, and colored markers

  Locker 152  Paint brushes, palettes, cups