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   Wildest Dreams - Currier Housing Day 2017
   Currier Housing Day 2016
   I Pahk Mah Bike In Hahvuhd Yahd 2016
   Are You Coming to the Tree? | Currier Housing Day Video 2015
   Currier House Promotional Video 2015
   What Does the Tree Say? 2015
   Always Be My Baby: A Currier House Tribute 2015
   Currier Love Story 2013
   Don't Get Rivered | Currier Housing Day 2013
   My Harvard Housing Experience (The Currier Years) 2013
   Currier Winter Coffee House 2013
   Sietse Goffard UC Currier House Representative 2013
   A Currier House Short Film | Housing Day 2012
   Harvard Graduation Currier Nick Stanford 2012
   Currier House Presents: Currioke 2012
   Intern of the Week - Nicholas Jofre 2012
   Grillicious by Ernesto 2012
   Currier 2011 Housing Day Video/Free Currier 2011
   George Hayward's Harvard Commencement Speech at Currier House 2011
   Zombie virus hits Currier House 2011
   Currier Humans vs. Zombies 2011
   I'm a Currierite - Housing Day edition! 2011
   I Love Chaus 2010
   Batman At Currier Dining Room 2010
   Currier House Morning/Afternoon Dish Washer (Eric Ayoub) 2010
   AM-PM Forever 2009
   Currier House Freshman Welcome 2008
   Harvard Ballroom- Dancing with the House Masters (Currier) 2009
   Always Be My Baby: A Currier House Tribute 2007
   Remarks of Bill Gates Harvard Commencement Segment about Currier House 2007